Music Research

Music Research

Suitable for your project.

We research music. Suitable to your pictures and videos.

Do you produce videos? Whether in the form of feature films, image films, presentation films, explanatory films, documentaries, event slideshows or private. Or are you a Youtuber? Then surely you know the following situation: Which music goes best with it? Not only that there are countless libraries and music archives on the internet. There are countless search options, but you easily lose yourself in the endless possibilities.

Therefore, this part of a video production can take hours to complete. Because in contrast to the viewing of photo material, for example, you cannot see at a glance what to expect. You have to listen to every song.

We are looking for the right music for you. Just send us pictures, videos or descriptions.

Write us your ideas as precisely as possible! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Find music by playlists.

We have also compiled special playlists suitable for specific uses and update the music selection regularly.

Browse our library.

Good music as far as your ear can hear.

Whether by moods, genres, themes or instruments - we have structured our music archive so that you can search it easily. Of course, we also offer you the possibility to find everything via a search box.

Let's search for music!