Audio Branding

Audio Branding

How should your brand sound like?

We create a distinctive audio logo for you.

Who doesn't know those famous melodies from radio and television commercials? Melodies which are only a few seconds short and immediately stick in your mind and are irretrievably linked to a brand. An audio logo - or jingle, trailer or intro - is like a sonic watermark, an auditory letterhead. It represents the identity of a company. After all, scientific tests have proven that sound elements address the subconscious even faster than visual ones. Especially if they are highly catchy.

Often there are complex concepts behind this, because as simple as such a sound logo may seem at first glance, every little note, every sound, every groove has to fit and to be in tune with the company's concept.

dropsong creates a memorable sound for you. Our composers have years of experience in the advertising and audio sector and know how to bring these components together successfully. Of course, we will advise you in detail beforehand, so that our designs are exactly adapted to your wishes.

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